Fishing Methods

Methods Of Fishing

Pound Net Fishing

 This form of fishing is an easy to maintenance commercial fishing strategy that significantly reduces by catch mortality. The pound net consist of a number of pilings and attached web fences extending from the top to the bottom of water. The web guides the fish into the heard of the trap where the fish are then guided to a smaller more condense trap where the fish are kept until ready for harvest or catch. This type of net is usually used in 12-25 feet of water between April and November. This type of method is used for catching Rockfish / or Stripped bass, Bluefish, catfish, white perch, flounder and more.


Fyke Net

 A Fyke net is similar to a pound net with several funnels that lead the fish into the heart of the trap. The fish then lead to the hoop where the watermen can collect its catch. This method of fishing is most commonly used to target white and yellow perch during the early spring and late winters


Hook and Line

 This kind of fishing is usually done with a rod and reel using a hook for live bait or regular fishing lures. This method is commonly used for catching rockfish, allowing fish to be released if the fish do not qualify the legal size limit.